“The Rise and Fall of the ‘Sure Banker'” A Mode Men piece on the 2009 stock market crash.

“Call Me On… Or On… Or On…” A Mode Men piece from 2009 about Nigerians’ use of multiple phone lines as a reflection of our lowered expectations.

“NBC’s War On Hate Speech, Or Free Speech?” A Daily Times piece on NBC’s overreach in its war on “Hate Speech”.

“Move The Graph”. A medium post about how the growing Nigerian Diaspora in the middle income brackets of the West may be the best chance of breaking the political class’s destructive grip on power.

“You Told Me So”. An article originally published at Gongola Republic, but now archived here. In it I acknowledge my error in supporting the presidential candidacy of Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, and warn against the growing toxicity in Nigeria’s political social media space.

“The Wife Minimum Wage”. I foolishly wade into the controversy on Nigerian Twitter over whether stay at home wives should receive a salary from their husbands.

“God Bless Yahoozle”: I write about the shamefully vocal defence of internet fraudsters.

“A Song Of Ice And Fire Brigade”: I write about how Nigeria ignored football infrastructure and personnel development for 20 years, while Iceland invested in it, leading to their different fortunes at the World Cup.